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Clines of aesthetic dentistry “Vilida” are based on the foundation of knowledge, positive feedback on the tradition of robots of the most beautiful clientele of the city of Kiev.

The aim of our robots is to provide services in the field of dentistry and provide them with the best possible health care for patients with maximum comfort.

We have formulated a team of highly professional specialties, so that we can approach the development of dental health problems in a comprehensive manner and with regard to the problems of remaining health in the dental sphere. The atmosphere in the clinics is kind and comfortable, with an individual approach to the skin, to visit the smallest patient.

Our sportsmen guarantee the extra care of the client’s information and attention to the principles of likarskoy ethics.

Deviz of the dental clinic “Vilida” is based on and in every respect to the best standards of the society in the field of providing dental services.

The team of the Vikorist clientele is aware of the successful robots, the new knowledge and direction of their zusilla to those who are the center “Vilida” became one of the most beautiful for residents and guests of the place.

Kozhen is a member of the command so that the clientele realized its goals and devises.

Our philosophy likuvaty your teeth so, like bi mi likuvali їkh sob!

Our dental centers have the best technical base. Possession of newcomers to modern dentists. Our customers can try here a digital panoramic X-ray device MORITA Veraviewepocs 3D, equipped with the functions of a computer tomograph, as well as a X-ray device “Planmeca Intra”, a dentistry brand Anthos, an autoclave Melag, a device Vector Process, a device PRF for plasmolifting, FORLIFTING for endodontic treatment vikoristovuyut method of 3D obturation, fixing the possession of Saber endo, endomotor Morita. All handpickers from Kavo and Sirona.

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