Treatment of periodontitis: causes of periodontitis and how is periodontitis treated?
Periodontitis is a long-term pathological inflammatory process that occurs in the supporting periodontium tooth apparatus: in gum tissue, periodontium, as well as in alveolar bone tissue processes of the jaw and cementum. Late or absent treatment of periodontitis of the gums can cause atrophy of bone tissue, the final stage of which is tooth loss units Inflammation of the gums, ...
Dental fillings: indications for fillings, features of dental fillings, filling care.
Dental fillings are a direct restoration of damaged dental units, which is performed in the oral cavity with the help of special filling materials. This type of dental restoration involves restoring the integrity, functionality and aesthetics of the tooth crown. The main goal of the dentist is to seal the tooth in such a way as to achieve the maximum ...
3D printing in dentistry: where it is used, how it works, advantages over traditional methods for the patient
A modern 3D printer can print just about anything: houses, cars, prostheses, and more. Not surprisingly, this unique technology has made its way into the field of dentistry, where it has revolutionized orthopedic treatment. The first attempts to introduce 3D printing in dentistry were made in the 90s by Align Technology. Using a 3D printer, the company produced mouthguards for ...