Maria 43 years old

The patient complained about the unaesthetic appearance of the gums in the frontal area. Aesthetic correction of the gingival margin was performed.

Victor 58 years old

Patient Victor complained of cosmetic defects and progressive tooth wear. Veneers were placed in the region. 13-23, 33-43 a mouth guard was made to raise the bite and prevent tooth wear. The treatment period is 2 months.

Natalia 62 years old

Natalia complained about abrasion and deterioration of aesthetics in the frontal area. A total rehabilitation with zirconium crowns and veneers was carried out. All crowns are made of zirconium oxide. The duration of total treatment is 9 months.

Eugene 20 years old

Patient Eugene came with complaints about the unevenness of the dentition. Diagnosis: deep bite. Orthodontic treatment with braces was performed. The term of treatment is 2.5 years.

Anastasia 19 years old

The patient applied for the diagnosis of occlusion. distal, open bite. braces were fixed. treatment period - 3 years

Raphael 25 years old

A 25-year-old patient complained of uneven teeth. Diagnosis: mesial bite. The braces were placed. Treatment period - 2.5 years


The patient complained of yellowish teeth. Teeth were prepared for veneering and fixed.